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Are you wasting time on LINKEDIN unable to convert ideal clients?

Do you put work into LINKEDIN

without finding and 
converting ideal clients?

Do you ask yourself...

  • What can I do to build more leads in my business in addition to referrals?
  • What could I be doing to leverage LinkedIn as the highest sales converting B2B platform?
  • How can I improve my profile to make it easier for people to work with me?
  • What can I do to get more people to view my posts to build my authority?
  • Why do some people get 100’s of likes and comments to their posts and I can’t get my friends to like them?
  • ​How do I get ideal clients to engage with my posts to build relationships?
  • ​How do I have conversations on LinkedIn which turn relationships into sales calls?

Authority Machine can help!

Do you ask yourself...

  • What am I missing out on with all the hype about LinkedIn B2B selling?
  • Why do people bang on about LinkedIn being the only organic platform left?
  • How do my peers seem to be getting 10 times the views to their posts?
  • Why do some people’s posts get 50 likes and 20 comments and I can’t get my friends to like it for me?
  • ​How do I connect with people without them slamming the door in my face?
  • ​​Should I give it a go as paid ads are burning a hole in my pocket?

Authority Machine
can help!

We've been featured on these amazing podcasts...

  Paul has set me on a winning path with LinkedIn. Before, I was blundering around like a blinded hog in the brush, earning scars but never arriving where I needed to be. Paul knows what's working NOW, which is more useful than knowing what has worked in the past. Having his finger is on the pulse of LinkedIn makes Paul the man to follow if you want to arrive in a position of authority on LinkedIn. (And turn that position into sales, which is, let's be honest, what it's all about.)"

Steven Lewis | Taleist


I created the Authority Machine out of necessity. I wanted to help more people and I was not getting found.

I paid experts and invested 1700 hours to be successful. I want to cut this short for you.

If you struggle on how to be a success on LinkedIn, we solve this for you.

  • Learn what content to post. We provide you with a simple content schedule and a list of posting ideas to get you started
  • ​Learn the themes, formats and templates to take the ideas and turn them into winning posts for you
  • ​Use our scripts you will be able to take a like and or comment and turn it into a lead
  • ​Join our community to get clear guidelines to get immediate success
  • ​Learn from reading your peers posts to gain more engagement
  • ​Come for the leads and stay for the community
  • ​Follow our step by step training so you hit the ground running
  • ​Gain insights from our team who give you feedback on every post so no matter what is going on in your life, we have your back.
  • ​Need help to handle the new leads. No problem. We help you pull together a team - starting with a Virtual Assistant. Your team has free access to the platform so you have time to do the things only you can do - sales and delivery
  • ​Get weekly updates on all the changes on LinkedIn to stay in the 1% of users
  • ​Read our valuable updates to protect your account. We all have a vested interest in this
You have some great value to contribute to the world and we give you the steps to make this happen.

What Linh has to say about Authority Machine...

 Paul has helped me be more consistent and successful with my LI posting and outreach. He's generous with his time and knowledge and every time we talk I see improvements in my attitude, performance and results. I can't recommend him highly enough!"

Brad Farris | Anchor Advisors, Ltd.

Watch the video to see how it works..


01: World-class training

I am mentored by an elite group of experts behind 5M+ followers on LinkedIn. This combined with my research gives you unrivalled access to knowledge to get your results. I pack it into a 5-7 minute video for you to watch which saves you hours of your time.

02: Exclusive templates

Want to know what to say for any given scenario on Linkedin? We give you templates so you feel confident and authentic to build relationships that last. This includes posting, commenting, warm followup and cold outreach. It will save you time and fast track leads.

03: VIP onboarding

We know you are busy, so we give you step by step onboarding to get you fast results. We give you:

  • How to use slack and find what you need
  • ​Best practise on how to improve your profile
  • ​Specific templates on how to create and write and post
  • ​The technology to use to get 50 likes in the first 60 minutes
  • ​The guidelines to play as a valuable community member
  • ​The step by the step sales process for warm and cold leads

04: Accountability

Consistency is the key to success on LinkedIn. My team will track your posts and followup when you wander off the path.
You will work with some amazing peers and feel committed to supporting them as they are supporting you.

05: Direct mentoring

When you first start there is a lot to take in. We get it. I will review your posts and give you specific video feedback on your posts. Once the training wheels are off, my team will read every post and leave you specific actions to take. All done with ease on Slack.

 Working with Paul has taken a lot of the mystery out of LinkedIn. I received more engagement in a few weeks of following his approach than I have in several years of doing my own thing.."

Brian Donovan | Donovan Leadership


 World Class Training

  Exclusive Templates

   VIP Onboarding



 Value: 1,499 USD

 Value: 999 USD

 Value: 499 USD

 Value: Priceless!

 2,997 USD

Only HERE...

597 USD!

 Paul has a tremendous amount of knowledge of what works and doesn't when engaging in LinkedIn "

Glenn Tranter  |  Glenn Tranter Consulting Pty Ltd

Paul Higgins

I am a Mentor, Podcaster and lover of building relationships on LinkedIn which resulted in 1M views and 112 new clients in the last 12 months.

I have over 27 years of rich business experience at Coca-Cola, my own startups and mentoring 157 coaches and consultants.

Post my kidney transplant in February 2019, I needed to get seen and win clients fast.

People seeing my results, started asking me if I could help them and it snowballed.

This is a community and not a get rich quick scheme. We build relationships for the long term and I practise my brand values of Build, Live and Give.

Whilst not helping my community, I love to spend time with my teenage children and play sport.

Authority Machine

2,997 $597 USD

for 6 months

  • Accountability in Slack
  • ​Weekly Education
  • ​Exclusive Templates
  • ​VIP Onboarding

Authority Machine

$597 USD

for 6 months

  • Accountability in Slack
  • ​Weekly Education
  • ​Exclusive Templates
  • ​VIP Onboarding


Q: Where are the other members from and what are they like?
A: We have members in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Our members typically come from a senior corporate background and now leveraging their knowledge to help others through coaching and consulting. We have a no DH policy.

Q: Why do you charge in USD?
A: Having members across multiple countries I wanted to use one currency to keep it simple for everyone. USD is the most recognised and used currency.

Q: I don’t have many followers on Linkedin, can it work for me?
A: We recommend having 1K followers as a minimum. Approximately 10% of your followers will see your posts. If you have less, we can help you gain the 1K first while protecting your brand.

Q:What happens if this doesn’t work for me?
A: If you follow our methodology and guidelines and it doesn’t deliver your greater authority and leads, we will refund you 100% of your investment.

Q: How much time will it take each day?
A: We know time is valuable. On a posting day, it will take you 30min to write a post (Many batch posts). You will comment on 50% of the posts in your group which will take you 20-30 minutes. You post a max of three times a week. My team are here to reduce time for you. We also recommend you have or get a Virtual Assistant to reduce your time spent.

Q: Don’t know what to post on?
A: This is common. In the training, we give you four post formats and nine themes to follow. Remember it is a maximum of 1300 characters so you will soon realise it easier than you think. We have a content workshop to help you craft your content. We can give you access to content writers if you would like someone else to do it for you.

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