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Sales Machine includes

  • Focused training
  • Proven templates
  • Accountability
  • ​Personal Mentoring (with Paul)
  • ​Valuable content 
  • ​Peer support 
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Sales Machine Includes

  • Focused training
  • Proven templates
  • Accountability
  • ​Personal Mentoring 
  • ​Valuable content 
  • ​Peer support 

Every Month YOU GET:

 World Class Training

  Exclusive Templates

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 Direct Mentoring

So how will SALES MACHINE help?

We believe Linkedin is the new place for ‘coffee chats’.

Done right, you can meet new people, add value first and see if they would like to meet up again with you. All from the comfort of your own home. You can reach people from around the world.
As in real life, you would not meet someone and ask them to pay for your coffee. Linkedin should be no different, but we have many examples of this happening.
You have some great value to contribute to the world and we give you the secret behind making this come true.

Your Mentor

I am a Lead Generator, Mentor, Podcaster and lover of building relationships on Linkedin. I have over 26 years of rich business experience at Coca-Cola, my own startups and mentoring 100’s of Soloprenuers.
I have achieved all of this whilst receiving a kidney transplant from my best mate in February 2019, as mentioned above.
Whilst not helping my community and health, I love to spend time with my teenage children and play sport.
I am always looking to give first.  

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